Consulting means to listen and implement what they hear into practice

We see ourselves not as a consultant, but as an engineering service provider that supports your experts. It is not our aim to show you how to make it better! Our aim is to deliver your experts informed and transparent decision-making basis for your work. We take care of the detail work , so you have a clear head for the essential things . Our consultants will assist you in every phase of a development or investment project.

Starting with the development of a formulation on the procedure to finished industrial plant. We advise, inter alia, upscaling from the pilot phase, in the optimization of an existing process or in a risk assessment in accordance with HACCP . The success of any measure requires the support of the staff which implement the measure.
The employees of our customers are therefore decisively involved in the decisions. We collect information, bundle them into a decision-making basis and facilitate your decision-making. Our results are worked out for you after the agreed scope meaningful and communicative as documents. Investment planning and implementation planning are the focus of our study area engineering. Our work begins with the master planning of industrial facilities and their detailing in flow diagram, block diagram, Machine and piping plan.With your recipe as a base , we design the process and the equipment together with the associated power distribution and CIP system in detail and create P + ID / R & I, and parts lists as a result documents.
Particular emphasis here is on the interfaces between the process and the power supply or the CIP.We are happy to also monitor the installation and support you in commissioning.

Examples of potential benefits :   

  • Calculation of the cost of equipment ( TCO / LCC)   
  • Energy Management   
  • Energy demand   
  • Energy scheduling   
  • Project Management   
  • Scheduling   
  • Specifications for construction ( specifications )  
  • Installation supervision   
  • Commissioning   
  • Objective Supplier Selection   
  • Safety analysis in accordance with the Machinery Directive  
  • System Analysis and solutions   
  • Design Review   
  • Hygienic Design