The salt bath care heard in the cheese of the basic requirements for product quality and process reliability. For cleaning and processing of a salt-bath, there are in practice many methods. According to the method proposed by us, the salt bath is purified by filtering through a microfilter and regenerated. The cheese obtained by reliable control of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters in the salt bath .
Together with the salt bath filtration can be standardized by adding devices salinity and temperature.

We provide the following services :

  • Recording the design bases ( with optional pilot plant )
  • plant design engineering and micro filter engineering (R + I diagram , general arrangement drawing , design, documentation )
  • Automation ( software and hardware, visualization, control cabinets , wiring)
  • Pre-assembly on frame in our workshop production in Martin Zell im Allgäu -
  • up assembly at the customer
  • commissioning service of the system

As a successor to the engineering Laackmann, which had specialized in the field of salt bath filtration, we have the necessary plant-specific know-how and product technological backgrounds.